Blink – a Daily Prompt poem

I’m running through a woodland
A subtle breeze sifting through my hair
The ground is blanketed with bluebells
And the smell of Spring is in the air


All around me there are children
Laughing playfully and full of glee
It’s the sound of having no worries
It’s the sound of being free

Suddenly, with the blink of an eye
The flashback fades and disappears
I am sat alone on a chair in my bedroom
Breathing back that familiar sting of tears

For I am not a carefree child no more
I am an adult who has experienced life
I have seen the world for what it is
Plagued with hate, anger and strife









Moments of beauty and love are so rare now,
We learn to cherish the small and the few
We start to miss the life we lived and left behind,
And the people we loved and knew

Some of those people I shared those moments with
Are no longer here to reminisce with
They become a ghost in our brief flashbacks
With their passing, what were facts become myth


But in those sweet years of innocence
Where we could endlessly imagine and not think
I hold dear those images, those smells and sounds,
Memories I can open and close in a blink.

via Daily Prompt: Blink

Francesca x

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    1. francescawho says:

      Thank you so much

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