3 Songs I Currently Like & Why – Day 5

This one’s just a casual, feel good post! Short and sweet but still packs a punch to get you in the weekend mood.

And today’s challenge is:

3 Songs I Currently Like & Why

Song 1: You Don’t Dance/Ghosts – Ryan McMullan

I went to see Ed Sheeran finally last year – I’d got tickets a few years prior but had to sell them unfortunately (*cries*). However, I managed to bag tickets this time last year and went to see him in May!

Ed had some brilliant support acts – and one of them was an irish guy I’d never heard of, Ryan McMullan. And he was incredible live. I bought his album after his set, and we’ve had his album on in the car ever since. A couple of months later, we went to see him at his own gig in Sheffield. He had gathered quite a following by then due to his success from the Ed Sheeran tour so the place was packed out to watch him. He had some amazing support acts, it was a really intimate gig and his voice is just beautiful.

I picked a couple of songs as my favourites as they’re the ones we like to play in the car! They’re just easy listening and his voice is so unique and lovely. There’s a lot of thought gone into his lyrics, it doesn’t sound like anything else out at the moment. So that’s why he’s one of my faves!


Song 2: First Time – M-22 ft. Medina 

This. This song gets me pumped for the day. When I’m hauling my half-asleep ass onto the bus at 6:50, this song wakes me up and starts the day with positive vibes. I literally blast this out of my earphones and I’m fresh as a daisy by the time I arrive at my desk.

Dance music is definitely my go-to music for getting energised and motivated to do stuff – cleaning, working, travelling. Just gets the blood flowing to the brain! So that’s why this is a current favourite – many a morning starts with this song!


Song 3: The Love I Lost – Sybil

Old school classic that never dies. I’ve reconnected with the music of my childhood and they’re just timeless hits. I went on a night out last year on a bar crawl and this came on. And since then I’ve been re-obsessed! My mum used to play this over and over when I was younger, and I hadn’t heard it in years. It’s such a catchy song, and resonates with anybody that’s been through heartache. You have to listen to this on full volume or not at all. Just a given. It brings out Whitney-type sass and you can’t sing or dance to it without raising your hands like a diva and feeling the beat.

I have no idea why but no karaoke bar has this song and I’m dying to sing it! But until then, I will enjoy it with my earphones in dancing round the house. Equally, another amazing Sybil song you may remember if you’re my age is When I’m Good & Ready! I loveeee 90s songs, takes me right back.

Listening to these has put me in such a good mood now! Might have to go do some motivational cleaning! Crazy.

Francesca x


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