Talk About Your Current Relationship Status – Day 8

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Today’s challenge is:

Talk About My Current Relationship Status

I didn’t believe in fate, or hadn’t heard any true examples of fate, until I met my boyfriend. We both often sit talking about it and realise how close we were to never, ever meeting in our lifetime and how lucky we were to have met when we did.


We met online, by total accident, and within a short window of about 10 seconds. I was using a chatroom app, just one to meet people and chat – not a dating one, and I’d gotten sick of it and was about to log off and delete it. Just below the log out button appeared a new room I’m never seen before and I decided to try it before I left. And he was in there.


We talked for about 9 months before taking the leap to meet. I was too afraid to meet him as I had very low self-esteem and convinced myself I’d never see him again after waving him off (ha!). He had never been involved with someone online, and he wasn’t comfortable continuing without meeting as he was due to enter his final year of university and didn’t want to be distracted if it wasn’t going to be serious. We spent the whole summer talking, chatting, getting to know one another. I started university in the meantime, and in September, he booked a flight and didn’t give me chance to argue against it. (He’s from Ireland, I was in the UK.)


So, on the 5th October 2012, I found myself on the first train out to the airport to meet him. We were texting whilst he waited for his flight; until the last one pinged through – “Boarding. See you in 90 minutes ;)” and that was it. He turned his phone off and I was left to contemplate how I could exit the airport without looking like I’d been stood up, or my exit routes if he turned out to be a psychopath. When I arrived at the airport, I got there to find his plane had landed early. HE WAS HERE. Straight away, my nerves kick in and I’m physically shaking. I can’t hold a drink, my phone, nothing. I wander around the arrivals to find a seat that’s not in the open but is hidden away so that I can get the first look at him and decide if I’m running before he sees me.


The doors open; and out floods a plane full of people. It takes about 4 or 5 minutes for everyone to walk through and it’s empty again. The doors shut and he’s not there.

That bastard, he’s stood me up. I’m trying to compose myself in horror and embarrassment, and I’m about to stand up and leave. But then I hear the doors sliding open, and I look over. And out he strolls, this gorgeous, tall guy with his suitcase pulling along behind him, scanning the crowd. Just as I turn to look at him, he looks at me and this huge grin appeared on his face.

And that was the start of our amazing story together.


We spent the next 2 years long distance – seeing each other every 3 months for the first year and every couple of weeks the second year. He and I were still studying. He moved over to the UK in 2013/14 to finish his studies and then I moved to where he was in 2015. It was so tough, but it has actually made us a very strong couple. We can withstand days and weeks apart, we don’t spend Christmas’ together as he flies home to see his family.


He is my best friend in the whole world. I’m so blessed to have met somebody who loves and accepts me for who I am. We live together with our four fish, argue about the washing up and who’s turn it is to clean the fishbowl. It’s not all romance and happy days, we go through our own stresses and problems – but we get through them as a team. He’s my most trusted companion and he pushes me to do better for myself.

I’m so lucky to have met somebody that not only appreciates me and loves me back, but that takes pride of place in my family. He is treated like another son, a brother, an uncle. He’s easy going and lovely. My family like his brutal honesty and know it’s him being straight with them.

A lot of people don’t take our humble beginning seriously – some have the opinion that meeting online is a basic and unrealistic way of entering into a relationship. But by spending so much time apart, communication is the most important and present thing in our relationship. We talk about everything – a lot of the people I know who have children with their partners don’t communicate a fraction of what we do. And their relationships are breaking down.


So, I’m proud of my partner and what we have. I don’t feel embarrassed about where we started out. I’m amazed at how we came from staring at words on a screen to having him sat on our couch watching TV. He is incredibly loving, affectionate and looks after me. Just such a lovely person.

Don’t take anything for granted. Make the most of what you have and nurture it. Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith and try something scary – it might just end up being the best thing you ever do.

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  1. yoursincerely_d๐Ÿ’• says:

    This is so beautiful๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜, Love really does happen when it’s least expected

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so beautiful Francesca! Also met my other half (now husband) online on Tumblr โ€“ less fate, but we were brought together by a mutual blogger.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. francescawho says:

      Thank you! Aww how lovely for you and hubby! We’re doing alright for ourselves gurl xx

      Liked by 1 person

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