Describe Your Typical Day – Day 10

Happy Fri-yay folks! Here we are again – and it’s my 3rd week blogversary! It’s been tough at times, but mostly really enjoyable and a breath of fresh air. Thanks again to everybody who has engaged, commented, liked and followed. Each one means so much to me.

Today’s challenge is:

My Typical Day 

I work full-time but I work flexibly so technically, my ‘typical days’ aren’t always the same. I live on one of the main routes into the cities on either side of me so traffic becomes unreal after 7am until around 9:30am. Regardless, I wake up every morning at around 6am. If I manage to actually get out of bed (ha!) then I will get ready and be on the bus to work for 7am. That way, I just about miss the traffic! And can be at my desk for around 7:45. If I fail to be as energetic as initially hoped, I will go in after the traffic has gone and get into work for around 10am.


My job is as a coordinator and recruiter for actors for medical training and students. I absolutely love what I do, I get to work with some amazing and lovely people, and enjoy working as my own boss in a way. I am the face of the department, I run the show and I love having that connection with people on a personal as well as a professional level. I have been doing it, coming up, a year now and I am still enjoying it! My job involves tons of emails (I mean tons) – arranging bookings, organising the jobs diary, arranging wages and processing wages, dealing with an array of clients, and generally just being extremely organised. One of my biggest weaknesses used to be organisation and time management but I’ve perfected it during my adulthood and I’m always on the ball. At work that is, my home life is chaotic. Let’s laugh instead of cry.


‘hahahaaa-help me


I usually finish for around half 2/3. If I don’t have any plans, I will head straight home and chill out for the rest of the evening, or do a food shop or whatever. We nearly always have a box-set going and will watch a few episodes whilst eating dinner. Bedtime is usually around 10/11pm. I often get a bit of insomnia and can end up back on the couch around 12pm. So annoying.


On a Tuesday evening, after work, I run a kid’s singing club at my local music studio as a favour. I have been running it for the last 8 months and have made some great progress with it! I will usually arrive for around 4pm, set up and get ready for the evening, make plans etc. The kids will arrive for 5, we go until 7pm and then I get to head home to relax before work the next day. They’re really long days and I’m often shattered by the time I get home but it’s only one day so I don’t mind!

Weekends are spent literally either doing nothing at all – or doing a million things. For example, this weekend I plan to sort out the spare bedroom! But Sunday, I plan to do sweet zip all. I can’t wait…


And that is pretty much it for me! I live an extraordinarily simple life but I enjoy it. And being free in the evenings gives me chance to catch up with you guys, and see what’s going on in the blogging world.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead!

Francesca x


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  1. I’m nosey, so I love these types of posts!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. francescawho says:

      Hahaha, glad to help then!!


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