10 Memorable Songs From My Childhood & Why – Day 11

Sunday.. that day comes around far too quickly for my liking. I’ve had a quiet week with the blog, work has been tremendously busy so I’ve not been able to keep the posts coming out as quick as last week. But I’m back on track so hopefully, we’ll be back to normal! Thanks to all my old and new followers, readers, likers and commenters. It’s amazing to see you reading and engaging! We’re onto Day 11 of the challenge.

Today’s challenge is:

10 Memorable Songs From My Childhood & Why 

Music is the biggest part of my life. I know so many songs – and that’s only a fraction of what’s out there! But, over the years, music has been my passion and has helped me through the good and bad times. With most songs, I can usually pin point where I first heard it, and at what point in my life – as I will usually binge on a song for days if I absolutely love it! I was a 90s kid, so a lot of my childhood songs are from that era but also a lot of my favourite music is inspired by my mum and dad, and what they listened to. So here are my 10 from my childhood:

1. Wishing – ELO

My mum and dad brought me up on ELO – they’re the band they played the most when I was a kid, even now, and I absolutely love their music. Wishing was always my favourite; it’s such an easy-listening but beautiful song. My dad used to let me stand on his feet so we could dance to it. I listened to and continue to listen to all their albums but this is one of my all time favourites, and reminds me of being at home in my mum’s living room or my dad’s car.


2. Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal

Michael Jackson was one of my favourites as a kid; I used to watch his film ‘Moon Walker’ over and over and Smooth Criminal was the biggest hit and dance scene of the film. It just takes me back to sitting cross-legged infront of the TV watching his film. He was one of my first crushes – I liked him as he looked in this film era. Long black wavy hair, beautiful face and his nose hadn’t been totally ruined.


3. Spice Girls – Too Much

Spice Girls were one of the bands of my childhood. I adored them! At school, there used to be these 3 huge steps about 5 foot tall, and we would stand on them as a stage and sing the songs as a band. I was always baby spice! A lot of their music is still appealing, doesn’t feel like it’s nearly 30 years old, and I still enjoy a few of their tracks! But Too Much reminds me of their movie, and as cringy as it is to watch it now, back then it was fab! Loved it.


4. Steps – Tragedy

Steps! Oh my word, I went to see them for the first time in November just gone. What an amazing, show, danced and sang the whole way through. Steps were my favourite band after Spice Girls split and before Busted came into my life! Steps were fun, their music was always catchy and my dad was a fan too which meant we could sing and dance together to the music. Tragedy wasn’t my all time favourite, but it’s the song that most people remember and I remember learning the dance over and over. It’s also the song me and my sister would do the dance to in our bedroom, so lots of happy memories. My all time favourite Steps song would have to be One For Sorrow.


5. Macarena – Los del Rio

One of my sister’s first singles was Macarena. She is 9 years older than me, so she obviously had control of the stereo in our room. When this came out, she played it over and over – and when she wasn’t home, I played it by myself and learned the dance! I knew very early on that the girl in the song was singing about cheating – which shows how much I used to actually listen to the lyrics and not just find something easy to dance to. But whenever Macarena comes on, it just reminds me of us in my bedroom doing the ‘AYYY MACARENA’ and jumping – and being at weddings/birthday parties and being the first ones up!


6. Bee Gees – Night Fever

My dad was a real 70s lover – we constantly had 70s albums on and this was one of the songs he liked the most. Whenever it comes on, I think of my dad doing his John Travolta dance moves in his living room, and I used to laugh so much with him. I loved the Bee Gees too, such classic disco!.


7. OutKast – Hey Ya

Me and my mum LOVED this song. Literally, every time it came on, it was blasted out. But, what our favourite thing to do was to blast it out of the car, when we pulled up at traffic lights and start dancing making the cars at either side of us either laugh or give us funny looks haha! Such a feel-good song and even now, gets you up and dancing.


8. Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way

Now, I loved my boy bands – and Backstreet Boys were great. But what I love about this song is it reminds me of my cousin and the friendship we had. We used to dress up as the Spice Girls and pick a Backstreet Boy as our boyfriend – this was one of the songs we performed to our mums downstairs after getting ready. I’m sad as we aren’t close anymore, but it’s good to have memories that take me back to when we were.


9. Robin S – Show Me Love

Now this isn’t particularly a ‘favourite’ or anything but it embodies the 90s dance sound. My sister was part of the dance scene as I was growing up, and used to play dance albums all the time. Her and my brother – they have both been my influence in dance music and I think that’s why I enjoy it so much now. They’re my energy songs – I listen to dance music before work to wake me up! But this song is just one of many 90s dance hits that were soundtracks to my childhood.


10. Busted – Meet You There

I really wish I could post every single Busted song but I can’t. But Busted were/are my childhood. I used to sit in my bedroom every single day, playing their albums on repeat. Their music makes me feel so happy inside now because I’m immediately transported back to my box room at my mum’s, under my princess net on my bed laid on my belly with the lyrics book from the album learning every single song. I must have driven my mum insane. I didn’t get the opportunity as a kid to go to concerts, and I missed out on so much during my first relationship, that when it ended I promised myself I would do more for myself and enjoy things. So, when Busted announced they were getting back together, I was on it and went to see them 3 times. Their new album is incredible – and Busted will forever be my favourite band and the staple of my happy childhood.


So there’s my 10. As you can see, the people around me influenced a lot of my music and there’s so many memories behind each one. My family broke down when I was around 4 – though I didn’t have an unhappy childhood. I grew up loved and happy. I don’t have much to do with my dad now, so the songs I share with him remind me of good times when everything was innocent and easy. I love music and it will always be a huge part of my life – especially for the feelings and the memories.

Francesca x


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