5 Things That Make Me Happy – Day 14

Happy Wednesday! And a Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I’m not big on Valentine’s Day so I’m spreading the love in other ways – and what a perfect post in which to do so.

We’re onto Day 14 of the challenge:

Five Things That Make Me Happy

I’m generally a really happy person. I’ve always got lots of vibrancy about me, I’m an optimist and keep as positive as I can. I don’t drink coffee so I’m not sure how I’m always so chipper first thing in the morning – but I like that I am overall a pretty happy person. But – like everybody else – I have things that make me happier than average. And my five things that make me happy are:

1. Music

Music is such a big part of my life – and really gets me in the soul. It’s at my core, it’s what makes me feel the most emotions, brings about something inside me and can make me want to cry or dance or think. It has always been important to me – and I connect with a song’s lyric and melody rather than just enjoy the tune, as is the case with my partner. But overall, music is a huge buzz and makes me happy in a variety of ways and circumstances.



2. My niece and nephews

There’s nothing more amazing than being able to spend time with children and be able to give them back – haha! But, aside from that, being an aunt is one of my proudest titles. I have a beautiful niece and two gorgeous nephews – and spending time with them teaches me something new every time. The world through their eyes is often humorous, but it’s also innocent – and innocence we’ll never get back. And soon, they won’t have it either but I enjoy living through their eyes whilst with them. I love to see them learn and grow into their own personalities. One makes me beam with her passion for knowledge and learning, another makes me laugh til I cry with his funny personality and jokes. And the other, still a baby, is the happiest baby I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and just being around him makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. But, I’m nowhere near ready to be a Momma so I can enjoy the role of Aunt without the night feeds and crying for now. But these 3 are my pride and joy and I love them dearly.



3. Films

There’s nothing I love more than a good film. I love films about romance, real life experiences, comedy, action… anything but horror. Just the other day, I watched a film on my to-watch list, The Danish Girl, and it was such a fantastic film.¬†Obviously¬†cried. As I always do. But, those are the kinds of films I like – about what has shaped our history, experiences, etc. I don’t mind cinema trips on my own either – always partial to a quiet afternoon to myself. Quite enjoy the ability to cry by myself (lol!).



4. Food

I don’t know anybody that wouldn’t have this as an answer – but the way to any person’s heart has got to be some kind of food. For me, chocolate is my vice. But I love a hearty meal, and I enjoy cooking. My aunt, though, is the,¬†the, best cook in the world Her cauliflower cheese is life. I’m going to stop now, because I haven’t had lunch and I’m starving but yes, food. FOOOOD.



5. My boyfriend!

Couldn’t end this list without putting my boyfriend in. He’s my best friend, my partner in crime. I don’t go a day without smiling because of him. We share the very same strange, twisted sense of humour, cuss each other out and we can put up a good fight. But we laugh more than anything else, and it’s my favourite. If you can find someone who makes you as happy as my fella makes me, you’ve made it, I promise.



Happy Valentine’s Day x

Francesca x

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