My Favourite Disney Character – Day 25

It’s finally Day 25 and my birthday eve! Today always feels strange – like I should be doing something. Today would have been my 11 years anniversary with my ex! I was so used to celebrating something on the day before my birthday, even though it was years ago, it feels strange not to do anything today! But I’m going to gut the spare room, and make it homely as we have guests next weekend. 🙂 Chores!!

Today’s challenge is:

My Favourite Disney Character

Disney has been a part of my life, as I’m sure it’s been a big part of your lives if you’re my age, since I was a child. I know I watched films as a baby’ I see my mum with her grandchildren now and know she was like that with me, putting on the films from a very early age. She collected all the tapes and we had tons of them! I loved them all. It’s really hard to pick one character (I think there’s a pattern in my posts here…) so, again, no harm in picking a few!

1. Pocahontas

Aside from the fact that the Disney animation of Pocahontas is visually stunning; I absolutely love the character of Pocahontas and her story. It’s one of my favourite Disney films (hard to pick one) but the colours, setting, everything is so different from the other classic Disney films. See, when I think classic Disney, you think princess/fairytale stories – usually includes a wood, a castle, some magic, a witch/step mother for a villain and the prince (always a prince, not Steve who cleaned the palace toilets for 2 years). But Pocahontas was and is so different and it’s beautiful.

What I love about the story is the strength of Pocahontas. This isn’t your typical fairytale ending in marriage and a palace. This is about Pocahontas’ ability to stick to her beliefs and be able to influence others to think deeper about the choices they’re about to make and the impact on others that their choice will make. It ends in separation and showed to a younger audience, not like the others, that marriage and relationships aren’t the be all and end all. It’s about being strong in yourself; not getting carried away by feelings and doing what is right. The end always makes me incredibly sad, but I love that Pocahontas is such a leading and influential character. Tie the character, story line and visuals together and you got yourself a perfect movie.

2. Rex

Rex is the dinosaur from Toy Story. I always love his parts in the Toy Story films – and a lot of that is because he reminds me a lot of myself! Not because I’m a dinosaur (Oh, there goes another age joke at my expense. *cries a lot*) – but because of his personality.

Despite the fact he’s meant to be a big scary dinosaur who asserts his authority, he’s actually kind, caring, trusting and does not like getting into any confrontation or fights. He’s a naturally happy and excitable character – despite his lack of self confidence and just wants to be loved. Even though sometimes he isn’t very bright, he’s very passionate about the people he surrounds himself with and will stand up for his loved ones when needed.

And this is literally me in one paragraph.

He’s always been my favourite in Toy Story and that’s because I could always resonate with his choices and behaviour! But, overall, he’s loving and funny and someone that’s always good to have around for one thing or another. Me and Rex = harmony.

3. Belle & the Beast

I’m going to double up this duo because they both have qualities I can resonate with.

For me, I love Belle’s openness and passion. She loves books (hell yes), she loves flowers (hell yes) and she loves people (mostly hell yes). Belle replaces her father as a prisoner to protect him when he is claimed by Beast. She makes friends with her captors and strikes up an unlikely friendship with the Beast who’s anger pushes others away and causes him to isolate himself. I love Belle’s character – her passion for being her own woman (avoiding Gaston’s advances like the plague) – refusing to be a mistress or a wife, but choosing to pursue what she enjoys. I love her ability to see the good in what everybody sees in the bad, and making the best of a bad situation. She could have easily refused to come out of that bedroom, and make everyone’s life hell out of being bitter and angry – but instead she sucked it up, realised this was her fate and made the most of it. Go Belle. I mean she literally sings with food. If this isn’t me, I don’t know what is.

As well as being strong willed and open, she sees the beauty in Beast when he can’t see it for himself. She loves someone at their low point and helps them to become a better person for it. She brings out the best in him so that he can find the strength to move past the negative and enjoy life!

As for Beast, his character is about being dealt a bad hand and letting it consume and take over you. He is bitter, and is insecure about how he looks – pushing others away through fear of rejection. He prefers to sit in his quarters, in his own company saving himself from what he believes to be inevitable heartbreak. Despite that fact his anger gets in the way and makes people fear him, underneath he is still a kind and caring person.

But, through Belle’s kindness and acceptance, he begins to rediscover himself and appreciate what he does have. He has friends; people who love him and makes him realise he wasted what precious time he had by being angry instead of making the most of it. She shows him the beauty in the little things; books, dancing; having fun – and he sees the world through her eyes, realising it’s not such a bad place after all.

Their relationship shows how important it is for us to have a positive influence in our lives to help us get through the bad times. We can often get blinded by our self-hate or insecurities that it consumes us and we act out because of it. I used to hate myself for a long time, and would get angry about certain things or avoid doing certain things because of my insecurities. But then, someone walked into my life and made me realise I was only punishing myself, it was me missing out – not anybody else. And my attitude changed towards myself and I started enjoying life instead. That’s what Beauty and the Beast is all about. Accepting others and being there for one another through the good and the bad – and when you see yourself how others see and love you, you become the better version of yourself too.

Have a great day everybody; let me know who your favourites are and why!


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  1. yuulye says:

    Happy birthday 🎉 wish you all the best 🙏

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