#Blogmas – My Favourite Christmas Songs

My favourite time of the year is Christmas, without a doubt. My Facebook interaction generally is just me being tagged by numerous people in anything Christmas-related because they know how much I love it! This is my first year of blogging and my first time experiencing Christmas as a blogger. This Christmas, I’ve decided to take part in #Blogmas! I’ve created a 24 Days of Christmas blogging challenge and welcome any who wish to get into the Christmas Spirit to get involved.

24 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge (1)

The Rules

1. Include the picture below and these rules in your challenge posts

2. Tag me in your submissions so I can check out your daily posts!

3. If sharing on social media, use the #Blogmas tag and tag me! @FrancescaWho

4. Post in order as they appear on the challenge list

5. Have fun and Merry Christmas! 🙂

24 Days of Christmas


My Favourite Christmas Song(s)

Music, for me, plays one of the biggest parts in a great Christmas. There’s nothing more exciting to get you in the mood than when you hear that first song whilst perusing the Christmas aisle in a shop. I heard my first Christmas song just the other day, and whilst I thought ‘huh, a tad early’ – it gave me a little butterfly inside knowing that the season is upon us and it’s almost time to get out the tree and play Christmas songs on repeat until January.

So, with this in mind, it’s hard for me to just pick *one* song that I like. I was brought up in a very musical family, and I know my mum’s Christmas album playlists back-to-front at this point. But for this challenge, I’ll pick my top 5.

1. Wham – Last Christmas

Is there nothing more delightful that hearing that electro-keyboard riff and knowing a huge tune is about to go down? I don’t think there’s a more iconic music video either, watching the love story between George Michael and Debbie Killingback develop whilst frolicking in the snow. I absolutely love the song; it’s not an in-your-face, christmas-bells-chiming-constantly track – it’s subtle, enjoyable and a timeless hit.


2. Frank Sinatra – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

There are so many variations of this song – a particular favourite of mine is Christina Aguilera’s. However, Frank Sinatra’s rendition just feels like Christmas, to me. You can imagine a late December evening, the snow outside, inside your cosy home surrounded by your Christmas decorations. It’s such a beautiful song, and strings to me are musical heaven. Frank’s voice is like butter, and so perfect for a rendition of such a classic Christmas song.


3. Sarah McLachlan – Wintersong

A widely unknown but stunning song by Sarah McLachlan who is more known for her song ‘In The Arms of the Angel’. My mum and I stumbled onto this song on a mixed album of Christmas songs and is one of our favourites. I definitely recommend you take the time to listen and enjoy such a heavenly piece of music.


4. Band Aid 1984 – Do They Know It’s Christmas

Now, there’s been a few versions of this over the years. But the original, for me, is just the unbeaten champion. There was even a version that had my beloved band, Busted, in – but it just does not compare to the original. It was the first song of it’s kind, that highlighted the plight going on (and still goes on today) and asked listeners to stop and think about the Christmas others would be having outside of the comfort of their surroundings. It’s a poignant song and still hits a nerve with every listen.


5. The Pogues Feat. Kirtsy MacColl

So when I was a kid, I hated this song. I never listened past Shane MacGowan’s intro and couldn’t understand why the song was so popular. It wasn’t until I got older, and listened to it through, that I appreciated the genius of this iconic Christmas duet. I absolutely LOVE this song now, and is a favourite to sing with someone on the Karaoke on a Christmas night out! It really does get the party in the mood, and I can’t get enough.



So there’s just 5 of my favourites – the music-type challenges are so hard for me as my brain is literally 85% song lyrics and 15% other unimportant stuff. Music is my life and Christmas is no exception!

So, now that it’s the 1st December, I don’t have to feel guilty for blasting these out as loud as possible. 🙂

Happy 1st December everybody!

Francesca x

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I love this idea! I probably won’t publish them all, but I’ll join in with writing daily and post some. Thankyou!

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    1. I’ve shared this on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, so hopefully more will join in the writing fun. Xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool. I like the Blogmas template, might give the Christmas Poem one a try for one of my next Blogmas posts.

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