#Blogmas – The Easiest and Hardest To Buy For

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24 Days of Christmas

The Easiest & Hardest People to Buy For

I love buying presents. I put a lot of thought into gifts, try make them personal and also enjoy making gifts for my friends and family should the inspiration come in time. But there are people in my life that I prefer to buy for over others. As much as I love buying and giving presents, sourcing something that is practical and thoughtful is a difficult task.

Easiest Receiver

For me, my mother is my favourite person to buy for. My mum is one of the few people that actually appreciates the thought I put into gifts and is grateful to receive whatever she gets from others. I love being able to treat my mum; as I’ve grown older, I’ve been able to appreciate how much she actually did bringing up 3 children on her own who didn’t want for anything and she did an amazing job. So now that I’m in a better position, I enjoy treating her and making her feel loved and appreciated. She’s my best friend!


I get my love of Christmas from my mum. She turns her house into a grotto, and we go Christmas shopping together with a very similar taste in decor. I’ve got my love of vintage from my mum and my theme in my own home now that I’m older is the more quirky the better. I am collecting items that mum used to put up when I was younger and love the 60s-70s style decor.

Something that’s become something of a tradition, I buy her a personalised calendar for the year. It’s filled with up-to-date photos of her kids and grandkids, and our beloved pooch and it’s always the first thing she opens on Christmas Day. My mum didn’t have a lot growing up, and sacrificed a lot to give her children what she could, so I have started buying her tickets for shows she would enjoy or concerts for her favourite artists. But overall, my mum is my favourite and easiest person to buy for and I always look forward to spending Christmas with her.


Hardest Receiver

The hardest person to buy for is, hands down, my boyfriend. I struggle every single year to find something that’s practical and that he will use.

See, he’s an engineer. He’s not into novelty gifts as he won’t use them, and he has everything he needs because he has the money to get what he needs when he wants it. He has a very particular taste in clothes so doesn’t like anybody buying him clothes which would always be my go-to item when I’m struggling to buy someone something. He doesn’t wear jewellery or watches, he doesn’t have a specific hobby. He also prefers quality over quantity so it’s about spending more on one good present than spending less on more presents – which is something I get from my mum. She was always brilliant at filling up a gift bag so that you had more to open on Christmas.So, when it comes to Christmas and birthdays, I have to really think about what he would like and listen out for little comments he says over the year to then turn it into a gift.


This year, I’ve gone all out and spent more than I ever have on anybody ever on a big present for him. But then his birthday is in just 5 months, and I have to go through the whole process of finding him something else he needs. It’s just incredibly stressful! He is the worst person to buy for. We’ve been together over 6 years now and I’m yet to find something that he says ‘wow’ to – so I’m hoping this Christmas he will appreciate the gift I so lovingly researched and purchased for him. I love him to pieces but he’s a nightmare to gift!

Who’s your hardest person to buy for? Let me know in the comments!

Francesca x

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