Bullying: Not Forgiving, Never Forgetting

After the recent #suicide of a child who was being #bullied. I discuss the importance of standing up to what is misconstrued as #banter and why #bullying is still an issue today. There is no place for bullying in today’s world.

The True Value Of Your Insecurities

A discussion into how self-confidence and body issues are big business to celebrities and companies and why we shouldn’t be distracted by the ‘ideal image’.

*NSFW* Something That Made Me Sad Today – Day 16

It’s been an amazing Friday! It’s my blog’s one month anniversary, and I’ve engaged with so many people today, it’s been fabulous! What a way to celebrate. Today’s challenge is about discussing something that made me unhappy – so whilst I’m buzzing from the blog’s day, I will share with you something that made me…

The Psychology of Online Relationships

I’ve always been fascinated by online relationships and the processes behind them – how they form, how they are maintained and what forces them to come to an end. Inevitably, all of them do – whether they end completely or they move offline into an ‘in person relationship’. I based my psychology dissertation on the…