A Great Big Break

A very tiny update into the huge things that have been going on during my unintended break from blogging.

2020: The Year of Uncertainty

During these uncertain times, I look at what I have struggled with so far during the pandemic and how I have tried to stay positive and dealt with the good, the bad and the difficult.

Bullying: Not Forgiving, Never Forgetting

After the recent #suicide of a child who was being #bullied. I discuss the importance of standing up to what is misconstrued as #banter and why #bullying is still an issue today. There is no place for bullying in today’s world.

How Grief Affected My Blogging

I explore how grief affected my passion for writing and created a mental block that I’m still struggling to move past. But in every negative, there is hope and a will to move forward.

My Blog Turns One: A Year of Blogging

Happy 1st Birthday to my blog! To mark the occasion, I review my year of blogging & the impact writing has made on my life. Thanks to my followers, friends & readers.

2018: A Year in Review

2018: A Year in Review – I look back on 2018; what I’ve learned and how 2018 is defined for me. The theme of 2018 was relationships – starting and ending.

Childhood: An Epiphany

Looking at how easy it is to will away our time in order to start the next chapter – without realising how much those moments mean.

Bringing The Past Into The Present

I’ve let go of ill-feelings and grudges to invite people I had left in the past back into my life. A discussion as to why sometimes it’s good to let things go.

‘Millennial’: An Insult?

The term ‘millennial’ has transformed from being a ‘generation definition’ to that of an insult over the past couple of years. Whilst it was once considered to be the epitome of youth, opportunities and a new era, it has since become an offensive figure of speech that one does no longer wish to be associated with.