A death, a reunion & a published article: a journal entry

It’s been such a long time since I sat down to write. I’ve really missed getting my thoughts and feelings down and releasing the emotions that come with them. It’s strange really – these past few weeks have probably been the time I should have been writing the most but I’ve just had so much…

Book Review – Cathy Glass ‘A Long Way From Home’

Check out my first book review – looking at my recent read of ‘A Long Way From Home’ & the impact Cathy’s different style of writing in this book had.

Whitby: A Weekend Away

Travel blog post looking how we spent 3 days away on the UK west coast in coastal town Whitby!

‘I Quit!’ – The Aftermath

Looking back on the week since my last post about quitting my job – what has happened and how I’m feeling in the aftermath.

‘I Quit!’

I just quit my job after months of struggling and lack of support. I discuss how I’m feeling and what I’ve learned.

Blogging Chum Award

Thank you to the wonderful ‘Non Alcoholic Student’ for the Blogging Chum Award nomination. Congratulations on 1,000 blog followers; what an achievement and what a way to share that with the community!