2020: The Year of Uncertainty

During these uncertain times, I look at what I have struggled with so far during the pandemic and how I have tried to stay positive and dealt with the good, the bad and the difficult.

Bullying: Not Forgiving, Never Forgetting

After the recent #suicide of a child who was being #bullied. I discuss the importance of standing up to what is misconstrued as #banter and why #bullying is still an issue today. There is no place for bullying in today’s world.

A Great Big Break

A very tiny update into the huge things that have been going on during my unintended break from blogging.

Childhood: An Epiphany

Looking at how easy it is to will away our time in order to start the next chapter – without realising how much those moments mean.

‘I Quit!’ – The Aftermath

Looking back on the week since my last post about quitting my job – what has happened and how I’m feeling in the aftermath.

Thinking of Moving Out?

A how-to guide filled with step-by-step advice for first-time renters who may be unsure of the processes and costs involved when thinking about renting their first home.

26 Things I’ve Learned in 26 Years

Ahead of my 27th birthday tomorrow, I share the lessons I’ve learned in my 26 years of life and what I’ve learned to appreciate in life going forward.